Stratfor Hacktavist threatened with life in prison

In Nerds only, Polytricks on December 13, 2012 at 11:54 am

Sure looks like a lot of Anonymous hactavists are being arrested and threatened with huge sentences.  The usual dreary and corrupt practice of plea bargaining seems behind the arrest of Jeremy Hammond.  He has been held without bail and the judge makes it clear that he will not be released and may spend his life in prison.  This is in stark contrast to the lack of prosecution of anybody for bringing down Wikileaks web site in identical attacks to those that the Anonymous accused are being charged with.

The corruption of the judiciary is clearly a factor in these ‘hacker’ cases.  For example an RIAA lobbyist was appointed a judge and served on several ‘file-sharing’ lawsuits and of course ruled in favour of the RIAA.  No wonder these disproportionate sentences are being handed down, when the corporations have the judiciary in their pockets.

Stratfor of course was hardly a legitimate business venture, Fred Burton who is seen in the top video snivelling about being on a ‘fixed income’ actually was in a conflict of interest selling Trapwire to his customers.  And of course Trapwire itself was a naked attempt to cash-in on the post 9/11 “National Security State” hype at $20,000 a pop.  So we have hactavists getting the book thrown at them while these sleazy ‘private security’ boffins rake in the money due to their hyped threat level assessments.. its pathetic and corrupt.


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