Verizon fights back at ‘copyright trolls’

In Nerds only, Polytricks on December 12, 2012 at 10:27 am

Verizon is sick and tired of copyright trolls from the porn film industry serving it court requests to reveal its user’s IP addresses.  The porn industry wants the IP addresses to file charges of copyright theft against bit torrent downloaders on Verizon’s network.  But Verizon calls them ‘copyright trolls’ and ‘school-yard bullies’.  So why aren’t the MPAA and RIAA also copyright trolls also for extorting huge amounts of money for ‘non-commercial’ downloading??

Verizon of course is a corporate hypocrite and all around enemy of the people.  They will fight the porn industry but not Hollyweird.  Meanwhile it shows that the court-sanctioned bullying and extortion of downloaders is on very flimsy legal ground in the first place.  I notice that these media corporations call themselves ‘rights holders’.  This means to me that they are at least once removed from the actual ‘copyright’ and are just extortionists twisting laws to financially prop up their bogus and dying corporations.

In this notorious  lawsuit the RIAA have sued Jammie Thomas and won a $1.5 million dollar judgement that has been upheld three times over 5 years of litigation.  All this despite being unable to show how she ‘damaged’ the music industry by that outrageous amount.. pfffttt!!  A classic case of corporate thievery and maliciousness.







  1. […] ‘copyright theft’.  Unsurprisingly this huge number is complete bullshit.  Part of a pattern of deceit and outright lies to provide cover for their outrageously punitive lawsuits against hapless downloaders.  Here is […]

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