Canada wins its sixth “Colossal Fossil” award at UN Climate Conference

In Polytricks on December 10, 2012 at 8:45 am

Canada was awarded its sixth “Colossal Fossil” award this weekend in Doha.  This is for its outstanding efforts to undermine and obstruct the Climate Change Conference.  The announced deal will do zero to slow greenhouse emissions.   The conference was a tawdry dog-and-pony show which betrayed the future of our planet for the short-term benefit of ‘energy corporations’.

Canada was singled out for being ‘the worst country at these negotiations’ and ‘showing no shame or regret’ in undermining the Kyoto Agreement.  It was also lambasted for obstructing financial aid to third world countries affected by climate change.  Canada has also been singled out for undermining climate science at home by cutting funding for vital climate change research and monitoring, and muzzling Canadian scientist speaking to the media.  Why would the Harper government disgrace the country internationally?  Three words.. Tar Sands Oil.  In fact the largest ever Canadian foreign investment just came from China buying controlling interest in Tar Sands Oil.


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