Ubuntu spyware makes it just as bad as Windoze

In Nerds only on December 9, 2012 at 9:22 am

Open Source uber-guru Richard Stallman has called Ubuntu Linux out on installing ‘spyware’ on its search option.  Yes, if you do a search within the latest distro of Ubuntu Linux or outside on the Web, Ubuntu will send that search string to its own (Ubuntu’s) servers to place advertising from Amazon to the users PC.  What was Ubuntu thinking?   Stallman has called-out Ubuntu on this calling them “as bad as Microsoft Windows for spying on their users”.   Ubuntu is attracting a lot of criticism by picking Amazon.  There are many reasons to boycott Amazon not the least its treatment of Wikileaks, then there is the whole DRM issue, warehouse sweatshops etc.  Here is a video of Richard Stallman  the Open Source concept.  (I liked the locked basement analogy).

For its part Ubuntu has tried to explain away the issue by saying that you can turn off the search string, data mining manually, and that the search results are ‘anonymized’ and oh yes.. they need more money to develop.  Well Open Source is Open Source not payware,  there is no place for advertising and spyware in Open Source software.  Here is a video of Stallman explaining why Facebook is a nightmare and the philosophical differences between Free Software and Open Source software.


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