UN internet group votes for Deep Packet Inspection

In Nerds only, Polytricks on December 8, 2012 at 10:35 am

Prompted by China the UN’s ITU (International Telecommunications Union) members have agreed to push for deep packet inspection for the the Web.  Deep packet inspection would identify embedded digital watermarks in MP3 data, copyright-protected audio content, and identify uploading BitTorrent users.   Deep Packet Inspection is used by the Chinese government to suppress dissent, track dissidents and block web sites they don’t like.  DPI is the ultimate  Big Brother tool.

My feeling is that the Chinese government will have eager accomplices in the music and movie corporations who are keen to destroy the internet as we know it to make a fast buck.  The revaliation of how far the ITU is prepared to go in this internet power-grab only happened because an Australian CryptoParty activist sent out a Twitter request.  The leaked document soon appeared online.  Of course DPI has been in place for years on many levels but to mandate its usage over the whole Web is an insane invasion of everyone’s privacy.


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