Greenpeace pulls out of Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

In BC Polytricks, Polytricks on December 7, 2012 at 11:00 am

Too late Greenpeace realized that their secretly-signed Boreal Forest Agreement was a tawdry sham.  Was it a surprise?  I don’t think so.  First there was the Great Bear Rain Forest agreement then the Boreal Forest agreement soon to come the Tar Sands agreement?  What these creepy deals have in common are the same people from resource corporations and the ENGO’s getting together in secret deals to greenwash resource destruction.

The Great Bear Rain Forest agreement started the ball rolling on this environmental treachery.  Naive and vain ENGO leadership hallucinated agreements that ‘protected’ public resources but instead were at every turn, out-witted and manipulated.  The agreements are so pathetically one-sided now that ENGO’s are required to spy on and denounce real environmental groups!  You could go as far as to say that the ENGO’s are now running a protection racket enforcing resource destruction in Canada.  Locking-out Native groups from the deal sets the stage for resource corporations to manipulate a war between the environmentalists and native peoples.   Divide et impera!


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