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The cult of ‘positive thinking’  is dumbing down the public discourse and creating totalitarianism!  I like Barbara Ehrenreich!  Her video on the dark side of positive thinking is a breath of fresh air in the stale atmosphere of new age hucksters and ‘positive thinking’ bullies.


Do you ever feel like optimism is mandatory in our society?  I do.  And it bothers me.  I believe optimism can go too far.  It can cause us not to see reality and that’s dangerous.  Optimistic thoughts so often become delusions.

I’m not advocating for pessimism either.  And I’m not saying having a good attitude isn’t important.  What I’m saying is that in order to fix problems, we need to see them and understand them, not just shrug them off or justify them.

I once saw an email from my sister to my mother.  I didn’t mean to see it but I did.  She had written to Laura Bush and had gotten a response that she was happy with.  She signed off with a comment about the complaints people have about George W. Bush, then:  “I can’t believe he did any of those things since he worships the same Loving…

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