Copywrong police try to threaten Canadians

In Nerds only, Uncategorized on December 4, 2012 at 12:17 pm

The US movie and music corporations have hired Canadian Intellectual Property Enforcement (Canipre), to collect the IP addresses of a million Canadians in preparation for financial shake-down.  Or are they?  Canadians aren’t breaking any laws (in Canada) so these creeps are invading the privacy of those million Canadians!  Shouldn’t someone be suing Canpre for invasion of privacy?  As usual the US movie and music corporations are looking to bully internet users into handing over serious cash.  Here is Barry Logan of Canpre pretending that his company isn’t invading anyone’s privacy since he is only collecting IP addresses (not people).. riiiight..

The status of downloading in Canada is  ambiguous, but hardly as arbitrary and punitive as in the States.  Still hasn’t stopped US courts from fining Canadian downloaders $60,000 fines.  Michael Geist has written an article saying that there is a cap on downloading fines of $5,000.  I would imagine that the already over-loaded Canadian court system is going to grind to a halt if/when the US media corporations come knocking for payola.

If you are interested in the viewing the above documentary (for free) the full version “When copyright goes bad”,the link is..  To me the issue is fairly simple.  Corporations are a legal invention.  They were created to amass money without legal liability.  So its only natural that they will co-opt and lay claim to others work as a means of ripping off the consumer.  These ‘copyright laws’  are a protection racket.  Nothing you buy is your own anymore.  You only rent the increasingly restricted use of your own property.   Its truly ironic that a fictitious legal entity is allowed to legally bully citizens over fictitious ownership.  A “pre-crime” and a “though crime” rolled into one.


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