Drought and ethanol wipes out US cattle herd

In Weather on December 2, 2012 at 7:09 am

Last summer’s drought has cut the US cattle herd by almost a third.  The drought affected 80% of agricultural land this summer.   This meant that there was a 13% drop in the grain harvest.  The shortage of grain was bizarrely intensified by EPA ethanol rules.  This meant that ethanol production for gasoline ate up 42% of the corn crop.

The governors of eight drought-hit states asked the EPA to waive requirements for blending corn-based ethanol into gasoline.  The EPA rejected the request, stating it “found no evidence of “severe economic harm”.   Converting food into gasoline for SUV’s to drive around with the air conditioners blasting, seems to me to be disconnected to the reality of economic collapse and climate change.


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