Canadian government has temper tantrum over UN Palestine vote

In Polytricks on December 1, 2012 at 7:52 am

The Harper Occupation government has proved yet again how on the wrong side of history it is by voting against UN status for Palestine.   Unbelievably the Harpercrites have withdrawn Canadian diplomats to protest Palestine having the temerity to think for themselves.  Its beyond embarrassing, is a national disgrace!

Who ARE these clowns?  Well Foreign Minister John Baird’s cut his teeth  beating up on welfare recipients in Ontario.  And Prime Minister Stephen Harpers was the talking-head for the most right wing corporate lobby in Canada.

The direction the Harper Occupation government is taking Canada is hugely unpopular at home and abroad and is indicative of the isolation and extremism of this right-wing, corporate puppet-state.

So as Israel isolates itself from the rest of the world by its violence and intransigence over Palestine up steps the Harper Occupation government, as its new best friend.   No surprise about the huge disconnect since its clear that the Harper Occupation government won the last election via fraud and chicanery on a huge scale.

An illegitimate government shoving illegitimate policy down our throats.  Kinda like Israel isn’t it?  Bullying, self-righteous, violent and intolerant.  I guess the bully-boys godda stick together.

One of the reasons that Israel is hysterical about allowing Palestine into the UN is that Palestine will be able to submit complaints to the International Criminal Court.  After the vicious and unlawful recent attacks on West Bank, Lebanon and of course Gaza I can see why that would make Israel nervous.  Surely Israel didn’t think that it could keep gratuitously slaughtering Palestinians endlessly?

And of course Israel announced that they would be building 30,000 more settlements….


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