The Hippies were right..

In Polytricks on November 29, 2012 at 7:31 am

I think its important to take a look back at what the Hippies were trying to do nearly 50 years ago now.  They were laughed at as naive fools, derided as spaced-out pollyannas, ridiculed as crypto-communists.  But lets face it, history has proved them right.  They were right about destroying the environment, right about the war, right about corporations, right about the media, right about the government.. I could go on and on.. but facts are facts.. the reactionary swine have ruined the planet and our future.

In the last 50 years corporations have managed to corrupt and co-opt the public discourse and public funds.  Corporate ‘Think Tanks’ have undermined and overwhelmed real academic research.  In fact corporate money has completely co-opted research period.  The ‘public airwaves’ endless bleat corporate propaganda to hide the simple fact that its capitalism for us and socialism for them.  Big Oil and car corporations have successfully put Climate Change on the back burner, guaranteeing the destruction of our planet within our lifetimes.  And of course the Military-Industrial Elite have kept wallowing in public loot by starting endless resource wars.. pfffttt!!.. The Hippies were right goddamn it!


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