Prosecution of hacktavists in stark contrast to US war crimes

In Polytricks on November 27, 2012 at 9:51 am

Interesting article by Glenn Greenwald in the Guardian the other day.  In it Greenwald contrasts the relentless and unlawful attacks on WikiLeaks by the USG and contrasts it with relentless hounding of the hactavist collective known as Anonymous.  I think its important to remember why the USG is so angry at WikiLeaks.

Remember the video of the appalling murder of journalists in downtown Baghdad?  Even the people who came to help the injured were butchered, children were amongst the casualties.  That happened five years ago. Has the USG prosecuted any of those cowboys for murdering civilians?… Nope,  but they sure hate WikiLeaks for blowing the whistle on their war crimes.

Anonymous has repeatedly launched DDOS protests against PayPal, Amazon, Master Charge and Visa to protest their role in unlawfully freezing funds for WikiLeaks.  The USG has caught up with some of these guys and thrown the book at them.  The damage done by these hactavists in defence of the best whistle-blowing web site in the world pales in contrast to the vile war crimes committed by the USG in Iraq as the above video shows.  Hypocrites!!

I think its important to remember what a DDOS attack really is.  It has been called digital graffiti, a digital sit-in.  A temporary protest.  But hactavists are treated like terrorists??.. pfffttt!!.. Here is a WikiLeaks, Master Card parody… ;o)


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