Egypt president sacks top judge

In Polytricks, Uncategorized on November 26, 2012 at 8:52 am

President Morsi sacking of the country’s top judge has set off a fire-storm of protest.  I find it ironic that protesters who brought down the Mubarak regime are now rioting in support of the Mubarak-appointed judges that refused to charge anyone for the murder of almost thousand demonstrators during the Egyptian revolution.  I was amazed when Morsi fired the top Mubarak general Tantawi.  That took real guts.  It also takes guts to fire judges that are so clearly still in the pocket of the discredited Mubarak regime.

Its important to remember that this judge was part of the group that disolved the new Egyptian parliament three short months ago.  What did they expect the president to do?  He has to rule by decree since they have undermined every democratic parliamentary move.  There must be many who are alarmed by a Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt, namely Israel and the USG.

This is their worst nightmare come true, their corrupt puppet (Mubarak) is in jail and the anger and resentment of the Egyptian people against the manipulation from Israel and the USG is plain to be seen.  In fact I wonder out loud if the vicious and unlawful attack on Gaza would still be going on without a revolution in Egypt.  Here is a pimer on Islamophobia for Dummies…






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