Did Karl Rove try and throw the election (again)?

In Nerds only, Polytricks on November 25, 2012 at 9:29 am

Startling article about Anonymous putting a firewall around Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s unapproved ‘software patch’ on election night.  The Ohio vote counting machines went down while Karl Rove was ranting and raving that the numbers out of Ohio were wrong.  The ‘software patch’ was supposed to throw the state to Romney but Anonymous got there first.  Rove was left gob-smacked, realizing that his ‘fix’ had been circumvented.  .

Here is the second part of the above video where the nuts and bolts of election machine hacking is explained.  The election machine hardware and software are all owned by the Republicans, then the software is programmed to give the ‘right’ vote-count.  There is no paper-trail no way to audit these machines, the software is proprietary.. riiight!..

Karl Rove has been called the most powerful unelected official in the US.  He has also been affectionately called ‘Turd Blossom’ by the man he unlawfully put in the White House, George Bush.  I call him an unindicted felon, a poster-boy for all that is wrong and corrupt with the US election system.  Here is Thom Hartmann’s very interesting, unknown election history of  skulduggery from Nixon to Bush.  Well worth watching.

Thom Hartmann continues with how Reagan cut a deal with Iran to release the hostages on his election day.  It just shows how far these criminals will go to win the presidency.

Craig Unger has written a book called “Boss Rove” where he details how Karl Rove fixed the election results in Ohio in 2004.  He obviously was expecting to pull off the same scam in Ohio in 2012, but he didn’t factor in Anonymous.  Turns out the Republican machine wasn’t running so smoothly on election night, the much ballyhooed “Orca” program totally collapsed.  But somehow Mitt forgot to write a concession speech.  What did he know that gave him that kinda confidence?  Here is Turd Blossom himself, huffing and puffing about Obama taking Ohio… but… but…. what about my fix??..ha..ha.ha…

Turd Blossom?  I dunno.  That is kinda an insult to all flowers growing out of a turd.  Rove is more like a turd’s turd.  A turd that grows out of a turd,  a perfect allegory for the mind-blowing corruption of the US election system.


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