Ottawa trying to shut down independent salmon testing

In BC Polytricks on November 24, 2012 at 8:30 am

The dirty salmon war on the BC coast just got a whole lot dirtier yesterday with the continuing witch-hunt of Dr. Fred Kibenge.  Even since he blew the whistle on the connection between corporate salmon farms wiping out wild salmon stocks, Dr. Kibenge has had his laboratory repeatedly raided and inspected.  His world renowned lab in Prince Edward Island is one of only two labs testing for salmon disease in the world.  The other lab is in Norway.  Norway controls 92% of BC’s highly unpopular salmon farms.  Its not hard to see who is behind trying to shut down his lab.  But it is sickening how the Harpercrites in Ottawa are running interference on behalf of foreign agri-business.

I’m a big fan of Alexandra Morton.  She has tirelessly fought against salmon farms on the BC coast.  Almost single-handedly she has publicized the dangers and destruction of Norway’s salmon agri-business on the coast.  But she is up against government and corporate corruption of staggering scale.  Dr Kibenge has confirmed what she has been campaigning against for decades.  Friends of the Earth are calling a spade a spade and have written an open letter protesting the gagging of yet another Canadian scientist to further the corporate agenda.

The Norwegian Fish Farming industry has endlessly hidden unpleasant facts and attacked its critics.  The Federal government has endlessly stalled, lied and tried to bullshit the people.  Here is Alexandra Morton succinctly explaining corporate feeding habits… ;o)



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