Insurance a way to get sociopaths out of positions of power?

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2012 at 8:38 am

A new idea for getting sociopaths out of positions of power in the financial industry.  We know already that sociopaths are over-represented in corporations and the financial industry.  Now there is a new way to week the psychos out.  Its called ‘fiduciary duty’.  This is the legal duty to put the interests of their clients and investors before themselves.  Now the Facebook IPO scam shows how easily this legal duty can be ‘forgotten’ when there are lambs to be fleeced.  The point is that when screening managers for these industries the insurance companies could simply deem these sociopaths ‘uninsurable’, meaning they would automatically not be employable in positions where they would have to decide between their own self-interest or their clients interests.

Unfortunately the banksters are unregulated and un-prosecuted.  Sure would be nice to see someone, anyone get prosecuted for the huge 2008 scam.  The longer it takes the more people will lose all faith in the ‘system’.  The Gordon Geko school of thought still seems to rule Wall Street.  So maybe making the corporate sociopaths uninsurable would be a start if the government is unwilling to take charge of the massive fraud.

Cos as we know some of the worst sociopaths are running the government.  The ends always justify the means for these conscience-challenged nut-jobs.  Again, laws exist to prosecute this out-of-control leadership but instead we usually end up giving them Nobel Peace Prizes… pfffttt!!..

George Orwell described the world according to the sociopaths.  We simply cannot allow them to control our leadership.





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