Group of Seven

In Art on November 19, 2012 at 4:56 pm

I have always enjoyed the Group of Seven, Canadian landscape artists.  Recently I noticed something that I had missed before.  While many artists shrink with horror from painting trees into their foreground most of the Group of Seven celebrate the tree, put it front and centre in a way that is very usual in landscape painting.  Here is Tom Thomson’s Jack Pine as an example.

Tom Thomson, Jack Pine, 1917

I have battled painting trees let alone putting them into the foreground like this.  I notice that many artists slide trees into the background of landscapes like unwanted guests.  My feeling is that it take real talent and a love and appreciation of trees in themselves to paint them like this.  Here is another example of Tom Tomson his putting fir trees right into the foreground of the painting.

Tom Tomson, Pine Island

Of course my favourite is Emily Carr when it comes to painting trees.  No scrub jack pine for her!  Only the great western cedar and douglas fir.  I have often looked up into the trees and felt them roar with life like this.. ;o)

Emily Carr, Odds and Ends, 1939

Of course Emily Carr isn’t considered quite ‘one of the boys’ of the group of seven but rather perhaps an honorary member.  Anyway a doff of my hat to any painter anywhere who celebrates and paints trees.. ;o)


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