Israel attacks Gaza’s only international media building

In Polytricks on November 18, 2012 at 6:28 am

Day 5 of the vicious attack on Gaza and still the corporate media are trying to pretend that Israel is ‘defending itself’.  Its like reassuring a bully that its okay to use violence as long as the bully fears for his own safety. When are we going to call a spade a spade?  Netanyahu is a war criminal and should be prosecuted.  He only feels free to act like a thug because there are no real sanctions against Israel   So tell us ‘Bibi’.. how many dead Palestinians will it take to get your sorry ass re-elected??  (Last time it was 1,500… this time how many?)  Just remember this present crisis was created by the targeted murder of a Hamas leader. (some self-defence.. pfffttt!!)

What I don’t understand is why word hasn’t got to the Israeli leadership that their worst enemy is itself.  Don’t they realize that this brutality and violence is undermining their whole state?  All this bullying and hectoring everyone who doesn’t agree with them isn’t helping their cause.  In fact the main cause in the rise of the new ‘anti-Semitism’ appears to be from the actions of the Israeli government itself.   Here is a video showing how big the disconnect is regarding the Zionist elephant in the room.

Well, today one journalist lost his leg and several others were seriously wounded when the only international press building in Gaza was bombarded.  Its not hard to figure out why.  We don’t want any nasty video coming out showing dead babies do we?  I keep getting the uneasy feeling that this time the butchery in Gaza won’t go unpunished.  My feeling is that this time the world has had enough of Israeli lies and threats.  This time.. war crimes charges??


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