Netanyahu piqued that Obama won?

In Polytricks on November 16, 2012 at 4:43 pm

I just can’t shake off the feeling that Netanyahu’s attack on Gaza has a lot to do with Obama winning a second term as president.  Its an open secret that they both can’t stand each other, (in fact nobody seems to get along with ‘Bibi’ unless you are a Harpercrite in Ottawa).  I know that Netanyahu has to somehow win the election of early next year.  Ironically the last butchery in Gaza happened just after an American election and just before an Israeli election.

The timing of these attacks on Gaza are pretty suspect.  Its hard not to be totally cynical given the history of violence and deceit that Israel has used to bully, threaten and bomb, to get its own way in the region.  Now it looks like they are looking to smack Obama around to get their way.  When Obama was first elected the venom and racism was not hard to find in downtown Jerusalem.

I guess you can’t expect that much from young louts who have been raised in a racist apartheid regime.  The Israeli attitude of self-righteous exceptionalism would be laughable except for the fact that they are heavily armed bullies and are used to getting their way.   And why shouldn’t they?  Their belligerent, ignorant, self-righteous violence has been an effective strategy up to now.

But the Arab world isn’t the same after the Arab Spring.  Turns out Arab youth are thirsting for democracy and opportunity, not jihad.  The endless demonizing the Arab world is starting to sound pretty bogus as Israel yet again pounds the helpless open-air prison that is Gaza into the dust.  Just to win an election Bibi?.. Really?

I think it would be good to remember how this particular round of slaughter in Gaza actally started.  It started when Israel murdered Hamas leader Ahmed Jaabari.  THEN the rockets started flying.  Before this Hamas and Israel were in cease fire talks.. somehow these basic facts are overwhelmed by the corporate media’s braying the Israeli government line about the right to protect themselves, total, hypocritical bullshit if you follow the timeline.


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