Desperate Housewives of Tampa

In Polytricks on November 14, 2012 at 9:02 am

I’m betting that there is a lot more than meets the eye in the sordid story of sex, betrayal and deceit that is bringing down two of America’s top generals.  Firstly these women seem startlingly similar.  They are affluent, toned, social-climbing cougars with a fetish for military brass.  Then there are the guys, from lowly FBI agents trying to show off, to mid-life crisis generals naive enough to think it was actually them and not their job title that was attracting the bimbettes.  The whole thing would be laughable in its absurdity if there weren’t lives at stake.  Here is Paula Broadwell blabbing away about Libyan ‘intel’, giving the impression that she still working for the military but instead coming across as a real phoney.

Apparently this cat-fight started when Broadwell found out that she had some competition in Tampa called Jill Kelley who was making the moves on ‘her man’ with some dinner party trouser-hockey.  Kelley started getting anonymous emails telling her to back-off and she took offence and contacted an admirer in the FBI to investigate, (a total abuse of power on his part).  But the law of unintended consequences caught up with Kelley in a big way when the FBI investigation turned up ‘inappropriate’ emails she had been sending to General Allen.  In this a bizarre video, Kelley claims ‘diplomatic immunity’ because of her charity work on the military base.  Some serious disconnects going on.

I guess its easy to dump scorn on the women involved but what about the generals?  Are they being given enough work to do?  They appear to be blithely unaware how easily they are being manipulated.  Aren’t these guys hired for their judgement and decision making skills?  There have always been questions about the Cult of Petraeus, the guy sure promised a lot but never seemed able to deliver peace.

Some say that the Military IS a religion in the USA.  You can’t criticize its waste, inertia and corruption.  General Petraeus was the military’s holy cow.   The Corporate media only has one way to report on military matters, positive.  They just don’t know how to handle people like Michael Hastings when they throw the military record of abuse and incompetence in their face.




  1. […] got caught because he and his girlfriend thought that they had computer smarts.  Paula Broadwell decided to send anonymous threatening emails to someone she felt was a threat to her relationship to the former head of the CIA.  Problem was […]

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