Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, many areas still disaster zones

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2012 at 8:20 am

I guess it was predictable that the people who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy would be let down by the authorities who tax and regulate them.   Some of the problems are bureaucratic red tape by power companies unwilling to turn the power back on without an electrical certificate.  Really?   Teams of electricians can’t be sent into these neighbour hoods prior to power being restored?  This video went viral, it shows how two weeks after the superstorm the most powerful country in the world can’t even get basic aid to their suffering people.

I just find that its hard to believe that this is the best that local, state and federal authorities can do.   Hurricane Katrina has already showed that there was two disasters, first the hurricane then second, was the relief ‘effort’.  You would think that the vast military equipment and manpower available should have arrived in two weeks.  What is the hold-up?.. Why do sad videos begging for help have to be made?  Why has the corporate media abandoned this story?

The above video shows wide-scale damage and almost zero government help on the ground.  Many more are going to die because of this incompetence and neglect.  You just can’t expect local non-profits to deal with this kinda devastation.






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