Robo-call accused pleads innocence..

In Polytricks on November 9, 2012 at 9:36 am

Michael Sona, the only person accused in the Robo-call scandal in last year’s Canadian federal election, is going to the press to clear his name.  My feeling is that he is still lying but he is correct about a couple of things.  One, Election Canada will not help him clear his name, and two, the  Conservative party have clearly thrown him under the bus.  The Harper Occupation Government clearly committed widespread voter suppression, calling into question their alleged majority government status.

But don’t wait for Elections Canada to clean this mess up or even to disclose the results of its investigations to the public.  It has a suspiciously bad history of transparency.  Its been over a year and a half since the bogus election scam and despite clear evidence of massive voter suppression from the Conservatives there is an ominous silence.  Stunningly, many of the key players have refused to speak to Elections Canada and one has even left the country. So the elephant in the room is a sitting parliament full of cheats and liars.  Busily altering the face of Canada without any checks and balances in place.

  1. […]   No surprise about the huge disconnect since its clear that the Harper Occupation government won the last election via fraud and chicanery on a huge scale.  An illegitimate government shoving illegitimate policy down our throats.  Kinda like Israel […]

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