Canada’s spy agencies sharing confidential information with foreign oil companies

In Polytricks on November 7, 2012 at 7:19 am

In a new low for the Harper Occupation Government, CSIS, RCMP, DND and Public Safety Canada, are sharing confidential information with foreign oil companies about environmental and native groups.  We have long known that Canada’s intelligence agencies regard Canada’s First Nations as terrorist suspects.  This last year the Harper Occupation Government revealed that it considers all environmentalists  as radicals with an extremist ideology.  Now we find out that foreign oil companies are getting secret intel to help them shove their bogus, destructive pipelines and tar sands gunk projects down our throats.

Its clear that the present government is unable to grasp that the public interest is not the corporate interest.  Those security agencies are needed to protect the people from predatory foreign interest groups not collaborate with those interests.  Unfortunately there is plenty of evidence that the state sees its job as protecting elite interests against the legitimate protests and interests of the people.  Here is a glaring example of the disconnect between the government and the people…. ;o)




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