FBI case against Kim Dotcom unravels quickly

In Nerds only, Polytricks on November 4, 2012 at 8:30 am

The copywrong police attack against Kim Dotcom in New Zealand went sideways right from the beginning.  The FBI raided Kim’s 38th birthday party with 80 cops and helicopters, arresting every party member.  Then the cops held Kim without bail for a month, often doing sleep-deprivation on him so he would be disoriented for his court appearances.  They treated him like a terrorist. Seized all his assets and property,  calling him a internet pirate.  Here is how the illegal raid went down.

But who is the real pirate here?  Kim made bail and fought back against the Hollywood Mafia and Copywrong pirates who instigated the charges against him.  The charges have been discredited and the case against him is unravelling fast.  Firstly there is the legally-dubious Pro IP Act that could be used in a bogus prosecution of any internet company in the world.  For example the Verison verus Youtube litigation grinding its way slowly through the courts proves that Kim was no more liable for material posted to his MegaUpload site than Youtube.  Kim can prove that he was in compliance with DMCA guidelines.  Here is his lawyer stating plainly that there is no such thing as ‘secondary criminal copyright infringement’.

Then the search warrants used to arrest Kim were ruled illegal, meaning that the whole search and seizure of his property and data records were illegal, (but the FBI had already imaged all his data).  Then came the revalation that the New Zealand authorities had illegally wire-tapped Kim, leading to the New Zealand prime minister apologizing to Kim.  Kim released this music video attacking what he calls ‘Hollywood’s marionettes’…. ;o)

  1. […] legal case against Kim Dotcom has been unravelling fast.  Kim has already received an apology from the New Zealand prime minister for illegally spying […]

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