Noam Chomsky on the real election issues

In Polytricks on November 3, 2012 at 7:05 am

Noam Chomsky gave a talk last month about the disconnect between what passes for election issues and the real issues facing the US.  The disconnect was starkly highlighted by the hurricane that hit New York, an outrageously anomalous storm that showed the true costs of ignoring climate change.  But climate change was never mentioned in the debates.  Here is Chomsky’s full speech.

In his speech Chomsky warns of the forgotten nuclear race.  In October, 1962 the world came closer to total nuclear war than we knew.  Nowadays nuclear proliferation has spread to very dangerous places.  Chomsky points out how Iran is ‘not allowed’ nukes but Israel is.  We have forgotten the history of nuclear stupidity and belligerence that can very easily lead to nuclear war.

I really enjoyed Chomsky’s point about Ernst Mayr’s studies showing that intelligence does not appear to translate into evolutionary success.  The evidence is all around us!.. ;o)


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