Global Warming nails New York

In Polytricks, Weather on November 3, 2012 at 8:00 am

Its the elephant in the room.  The corporate media is desperately trying  to spin climate change out of Hurricane Sandy reportage.  Yet clearly global warming this very year produced the record high temperatures in the Gulf Stream that engorged Sandy.  Global warming also  resulted in massive polar melting that produced a ‘blocking weather pattern‘ that knocked the jet stream off course this summer and produced one of the worst droughts in continental North America.  The polar melt continued to knocked the jet stream off course again this fall and produced a rare Greenland high pressure system that kicked the fully developed hurricane abruptly to the left and right into NYC.

Hurricane Sandy packed a low pressure centre of 940 mb, (which is the depth that Category 4 hurricanes develop).  It was huge, only one other Atlantic hurricane has been bigger, (so far).  And it was very ‘late’ in the season, it should have headed out into the Atlantic and dissipated.  What more information could possibly be needed to show how anomalous and unprecedented this hurricane was?



  1. […] blocking weather event was critical in Super Storm Sandy making its notorious ‘left hook’ right into New York City instead of heading out to sea.  So the ripple-effect of Arctic melting are creating more extreme […]

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