New documentary on Anonymous online

In Nerds only, Polytricks on November 2, 2012 at 8:25 am

A new documentary about Anonymous  is online now. The timing is great since we are right in the middle of a war between the army of faceless nerds and the army fascist, corporate reactionaries. Its really hard to tell how this is going to end but my sense is that the corporate pig-state is slowly losing the war.

Some very interesting ideas are covered in this documentary.  Is Anonymous a spontaneous internet army that was dragged kicking and screaming from its playpen at 4 Chan into the big scary world corporate censorship and control? If Anonymous is an internet army, does that mean that the internet is now a nation?  If the corporate pig-state nations try and control the internet will they fall to the combined forces of a united internet users?

The full length documentary is online here.. ( )

The documentary is also very interesting in that it shows what a wild band of scofflaws, anarchists, democrats, civil rights activists, computer nerds, pranksters and juvenile delinquents, Anonymous really are.  There is a very wild and unpredictable side to this movement.  A joyous energy and dark brooding resentment.  They clearly know who the enemy is and they know how to reach that enemy.

I also enjoyed hearing Anonymous’s explanation of what a DDoS attack really is.  They call it a ‘internet sit-in’.  A temporary demonstration of disapproval and protest against outrageous liberties being taken by the corporate elite against ‘our’ internet.  So why are the punishments so extreme?  If you get arrested for temporarily blocking a bank or government office in protest you can expect to spend the night in jail, but if you do a DDoS attack you are in for serious jail time.



  1. My ignorace always surprises me…

  2. Jail time for liking?

    This thing is hitting Twitter more than usual today…

    Life is weird like people.
    Hey Anonymous, be ruthless in a fight. Compassionate when you achieve surrender. We know how it goes when you ruthlessly punish surrendered, cornered or helpless “enemies”…it never ends…. just saying. The time will come to stop. Be ready to be human and stop. : )

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