Did Wikileaks provoke Bank of America prosecution?

In Humour, Polytricks on October 29, 2012 at 7:47 am

Last week it was announced that Bank of America was being sued by the US Federal Government for $1 Billion.  The charges state that BoA fraudulently promoted mortgage scams called “The Hustle” and “High-Speed Swim Lane” which resulted in one billion dollars of losses in one year only!  These losses then ‘had’ to be covered by the taxpayers.

BoA’s sleaze prompted this parody of their reaction to Wikileaks releasing confidential information about their crooked banking practices.

Did Wikileaks prompt the prosecution of BoA?  Of course the Obama government is under huge pressure to actually get around to prosecuting somebody.. anybody for the 2008 crash.  There is great animosity between the 1%’ers (aka banksters and their government stooges) and the 99%’ers (occupiers, anonymous, wikileaks etc).  Naturally there is more than enough FUD to go around.. ;o)

For centuries the state has been using FUD to confuse the people and derail progressive change.  So of course they are outraged that ‘citizen counter-propagandists’ are emerging out of the woodwork.. quelle drole.. ;o)

  1. Hmmmmhhhhh

    Took a dip in this stream of consciousness….
    Will see what I fished out to salt and fry
    Thank you for this river
    To an ocean of what may be

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