SEC takes exception to Conrad Black’s latest book

In Humour, Polytricks on October 27, 2012 at 2:07 pm

Good old Conrad magnanimously gave us two good laughs this week.  First he got roasted for babbling on endlessly about how he is a victim.  Then he got slapped with $6 million is Security and Exchange fines for shooting-off his mouth about the US Courts in his latest book.  This guy just never seems to know when to shut his big yap.  Said judge W.T. Hart, ““He is intransigent in his denunciation of the courts and the justice system”, quoting his new book as evidence.

The Securities and Exchange Commission said that the comments by Lord Black(adder) about the US Courts were  were so outrageous he should be ordered to pay an additional $4.1-million in penalties, on top of the $6.1-million. “Impenitence of this magnitude is deserving of significant penalties,” said the SEC.  Looks like Lord Black(adder)’s yap is gonna just keep costing him millions and millions.. (but he won’t get the connection..ha..ha.ha..)


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