SCoC rubber-stamps corrupt Harper Election

In Polytricks, Uncategorized on October 26, 2012 at 11:37 am

I blogged last week about how the Supreme Court of Canada was dragging its feet to rule on the crucial case of the ‘election’ of  Tory MP, Ted Opitz in Etobicoke Centre last general election.  So yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that his election was legitimate.  It ruled 4-3 that fraudulent and/or missing voter registration certificates were  ‘administrative errors’ and not serious enough to overturn the election of the Tory MP.

For the record I would like to dissect this case to the bone, as the corporate media and 4 of our top legal beagles seem mysteriously unable to do some simple arithmetic.  Opitz ‘won’ by 26 votes.  The Ontario Supreme Court threw out 79 of those votes because registration certificates “were missing or never existed.. ”

Supreme Court of Canada, arithmetic-challenged

So 13 months after the general election,  Elections Canada bustles into the Supreme Court of Canada claiming to have “found” that 44 voters in Etobicoke were valid because those ‘names’  had voted in previous elections, (so what??.. in what way does that validate their lack of registration at the polling station??… pfffttt!!)

But at least 17 of those ‘valid voters’ had voted somewhere else than Etobicoke which whittled down those 44 valid voters to 27.  Now one of the 44 was quietly dropped because he/she had obviously (and illegally) voted twice at the same station.  That whittles the ‘valid voters’ down to 26, (the amount that Opitz won the election in the first place).  But who is to say that those ‘valid’ voters didn’t vote for other political candidates??

But the numbers game is all moot.  What really happened is that the SCoC established voting rules don’t apply when a Harper majority government is ordered.  The rules state that you show your identification, establish that you are on the voters list for your riding, then you get your vote counted.  So what the SCoC is saying to Canadians is that you can have your vote counted in a Federal Election even though your registration certificate is fraudulent or missing upon examination.

Well yesterday’s ruling  just removed all doubt in my mind that the most corrupt election in Canadian history was fixed, and now its rubber-stamped by our Supreme Court.  We no longer have a separation of judicial and legislative authority in the country.  We have a one party state, ruled by venal sock-puppets, fronting for foreign corporate oligarchs.


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