Conrad Black gets reality check from British Press

In Polytricks on October 23, 2012 at 10:05 am

I’m still laughing at good thrashing Conrad Black got on his first trip back to Britain since his release from US jail.  Conrad was at his sociopathic best, alternating from condescension,  to blaming and finally threats anyone who contradicted him. He literally oozed entitlement, self-righteousness and delusion.

After he was deported from the US to Canada, the Canadian press (to their everlasting shame) greeted the pompous egomaniac with muted obsequiousness.  The British Press were having none of that – they savaged the flatulent clown, giving him his first reality check since being released from the hoosegow.  (here is a video of him being owned by BBC’s Jeremy Paxson)

Amazingly he went on another TV show and again got smacked-down by Sky TV’s Adam Bolton.  I thought the above interview was an aberration  but no, this is the same deluded sociopath that went into prison.  His ego is so great that he learnt absolutely nothing at all. (here is the second video, startlingly similar to the first…. )

As I blogged earlier about sociopaths in our midst, pay close attention to his words and actions.  This is a classic case.  The man’s contempt for those ‘beneath’ him, his self-righteous mononmania, his inability to tell the truth, his complete lack of self-awareness, these all show the classic type of power-hungry, sociopathic fools that try and ‘run the show’.

Ultimately we are left with a pathetic spectacle, a pompous fool who thinks that he is smarter than everyone else, even when all evidence contradicts him.  But never forget.. he ruthlessly promoted his neo-liberal views upon news readers around the world, poisoning the public discourse with his elitist, corporatist propaganda.

To me this man will always remain an enemy of the people.  No doubt he will spend the rest of his life trying to ‘rehabilitate his image’.  As they say the most dangerous fool is one who is convinced he is right… ;o)

  1. Conrad wooped those interviewers, which program did u watch?

  2. […] old Conrad magnanimously gave us two good laughs this week.  First he got roasted for babbling on endlessly about how he is a victim.  Then he got slapped with $6 million is Security and Exchange fines for shooting-off his mouth […]

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