Canada, the new slave labour destination

In BC Polytricks, Polytricks on October 22, 2012 at 8:40 am

For the last four years the Harper Occupation Government brought more ‘seasonal workers’ (aka slave labourers) than immigrants into Canada.  This is truly a race to the bottom and a savage attack on workers in Canada.  As I have mentioned before, in order to win this class war we really need to recognize that our government is fighting a class war against the citizens of Canada.  What is even more infuriating this class war is being fought by our occupation government on behalf of the Chinese Government Dictatorship.

Turns out the concept of full employment was ditched when Milton Friedman started pushing a new way to massage unemployment numbers call NAIRU, (Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment ).  The idea is that there is an ‘natural’ level of unemployment which keeps inflation in check.  The NAIRU rate in Canada is variously estimated to be 9.5% to 6.5% unemployed. So our present ‘official’ unemployment rate is 7.4%, well in the ‘sweet spot’ for the ‘neo-liberal’ slave masters.  The concept of full employment was abandoned as ‘inflationary’.  The neo-liberal answer was to permanently ‘unemploy’ enough people to keep wages from interfering with their profits.



But we all know the unemployment (and all other important financial statistics) are all over-massaged bullshit.  So into this mess wades our retarded Premier who brayed about jobs … jobs..  jobs.. for coal miners?.. really?.. we have a carbon tax AND are opening more coal mines?.. pfftt.. But wait.. problem is.. almost ALL the jobs she blathered on about were for Chinese workers?!? And then it gets even worse.. these poor Chinese coal miners have to pay an outrageous $12,500 to ‘recruiters’ to just get these jobs in Canada!

“Migrant” workers in Canada have no protection from their employers who don’t just cheat them by paying them below minimum wage.  They are often beaten and abused, denied their wages, have their passports and documents stolen and have no government agency to appeal to.  Doesn’t this sound like government sanctioned slavery?   Under neo-liberalism, slavery worldwide has increased exponentially.

Its not hard to connect the dots!.. Corporate Occupation Governments run the world now.. we need a new political movement.. this isn’t a race to the bottom.. this is free-fall!..


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