End-game for SCoC

In Polytricks on October 18, 2012 at 8:15 am

Ever since the blatantly stolen 2011 Canadian National election, I’ve been on a slow-burn.  Canadians now have an (Chinese?) corporate occupation government in Ottawa.  The Robocall Scandal has dropped off the corporate media radar.  The only person sanctioned so far in the scandal has been an opposition Liberal (who won his riding and was fined $5,000) ..

As of this year, Election Canada is investigating 31,000 received reports of fraudulent or misleading calls in 234 of Canada’s 308 ridings, recorded in all ten provinces and at least one territory.  Although Robot-in-Chief Stephen Harper denies any part in the Robocall Scandal, its clear that the 800lb gorilla in the room is him.

Meanwhile Conservative MP Ted Opiz sits in the House of Commons even though his election to the House has been declared null and void by Ontario Supreme Court.  Opiz appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCoC)  The SCoC convened for an unprecedented summer sitting to hear the case because of its national importance on the 10th July .. (three months ago) .. so?… what is the hold-up?

The stakes are huge.. if the SCoC upholds the ruling that the election of Conservative MP Opiz  is null and void, Harper has to call a by-election in six weeks.. Something that Election Canada has bemoaned?  In fact Elections Canada has been running interference ever since the Ontario Supreme Court ruled the election of Conservative MP Opiz, null and void (see previous link).

In a bizarre and suspicious move, Elections Canada  produced ‘last minute evidence’ that 50 odd of the disqualified voters were on the National Voting List, but neglected to mention that they weren’t residents in the riding at the time of the election… it so hard not to feel the fix is in ..

If the Supreme Court sides with Harper then it will lose all legitimacy in the democratic separation of legislative and judicial authority in Canada.  If it declares the election of Opiz null and void it opens a Pandora’s box of fury and resentment against the Harper Occupation Government, not the least opening the door to judicial inquiry and rulings over the most corrupt election in Canadian history.  So its been three months.. how much longer do we have to wait?.. what is the hold-up?

The longer the SCoC takes to make it ruling the greater the suspicion the it has already been hopelessly compromised by the most aggressive and corrupt political party Canada has ever seen.

Now Elections Canada has already been caught sanctioning election fraud.. in Haiti .. but Canada’s betrayal of the Haitian people is gonna be another post.. ;o)

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