Starbucks, the mega tax cheat

In Humour, Polytricks, Uncategorized on October 17, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Another reason to despise Starbucks. They pay no tax in the UK despite making billions in profit. How? Well its all perfectly legal, ‘business losses’ are a legitimate tax write-off. But the curious lack of payment of ANY tax at all in Britain in the last 3 years has many British tax payers crying foul, (not to mentions their under-paid barista’s who you can be sure are compelled to pay their taxes.  This no-tax game is also being played to the hilt by Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.

The ‘optics’ are all wrong on this one.  All over Europe ‘restraint’ budgets are raising personal taxes  to pay the corrupt banksters.  And curiously, all the while,  multinational corporations are getting an extended tax holiday.. hmmmm… makes you realize how badly we are all losing this class-war.. ;o)

(this guy lost his job for posting this song on Youtube.. way to go Starsucks! .. pay your fricken taxes ya phony crooks!)


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