Jet Stream slowing down

In Polytricks, Weather on October 1, 2012 at 9:21 am

This Arctic summer was the warmest in 1,800 years.   Also arctic sea-ice loss hit a new record this summer, beating the previous record ice-loss in 2007. Evidence is building that melting arctic ice is slowing down the jet stream. This is a problem because the jet stream is what moves our precipitation forward.  Meaning that extreme weather events like droughts, blizzards, floods, etc don’t hang around.  A slowing  jet stream appears to be increasing the severity of weather events by what is now being called ‘blocking weather events’.

This year’s extreme drought in the USA is being connected to the extreme melting of the arctic ice.  Of course when that wonderful summer high pressure ridge builds and we get weeks of beautiful, sunny weather, nobody complains.  But this is also going to mean that when arctic air breaks out this winter the ‘cold snap’ could last weeks not days.

The US drought  is already causing food prices to skyrocket as well as causing huge financial losses. In fact the losses  look great enough to stall any alleged ‘recovery’.  So climate change are already having its predicted effects in spades.  You would think that the dramatically large risks to governments and economies around the world would elicit some kind of action.  But the reality is that corrupt corporate and government leadership are deliberately  dropping the ball on this.


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