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Did Wikileaks provoke Bank of America prosecution?

In Humour, Polytricks on October 29, 2012 at 7:47 am

Last week it was announced that Bank of America was being sued by the US Federal Government for $1 Billion.  The charges state that BoA fraudulently promoted mortgage scams called “The Hustle” and “High-Speed Swim Lane” which resulted in one billion dollars of losses in one year only!  These losses then ‘had’ to be covered by the taxpayers.

BoA’s sleaze prompted this parody of their reaction to Wikileaks releasing confidential information about their crooked banking practices.

Did Wikileaks prompt the prosecution of BoA?  Of course the Obama government is under huge pressure to actually get around to prosecuting somebody.. anybody for the 2008 crash.  There is great animosity between the 1%’ers (aka banksters and their government stooges) and the 99%’ers (occupiers, anonymous, wikileaks etc).  Naturally there is more than enough FUD to go around.. ;o)

For centuries the state has been using FUD to confuse the people and derail progressive change.  So of course they are outraged that ‘citizen counter-propagandists’ are emerging out of the woodwork.. quelle drole.. ;o)


The Mitt Romney Zombie Apocalypse

In Humour, Polytricks on October 29, 2012 at 4:38 am

Joss Wheaton produced this Mitt Romney spoof endorsement.  Is funny and a correct analysis of the Republican platform.  Its also a very good spoof of the folksy bullshit that passes for election advertising these days.



Noam Chomsky recently gave a really insightful lecture about what is missing in the 2012 presidential debate.  That is for a upcoming blog.  For now I had to inject some humour.

Die Antwoord pillories Lady Gaga

In Art, Humour on October 27, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Die Antwoord has pilloried Lady Gaga in their latest music video called ‘Fatty Boom Boom’.  Die Antwoord is a South African rap band which has promoted and embraced Zef culture.  Alternately called kitsch, tasteless, crass, materialistic and superficial, Zef style seems to have hit a nerve in dystopian, post-apartheid South Africa.  I think that Die Antwoord are very creative and refreshing.  Die Antwoord turned their sights on Queen of Pop after she had the temerity to suggest they open for her.



I can’t think of two more different musical acts.  Antwoord are gratuitously homophobic while Gaga is LGBT-friendly.  But they come from two very different places literally and musically.  Godda admit I enjoyed the dust-up.


SEC takes exception to Conrad Black’s latest book

In Humour, Polytricks on October 27, 2012 at 2:07 pm

Good old Conrad magnanimously gave us two good laughs this week.  First he got roasted for babbling on endlessly about how he is a victim.  Then he got slapped with $6 million is Security and Exchange fines for shooting-off his mouth about the US Courts in his latest book.  This guy just never seems to know when to shut his big yap.  Said judge W.T. Hart, ““He is intransigent in his denunciation of the courts and the justice system”, quoting his new book as evidence.

The Securities and Exchange Commission said that the comments by Lord Black(adder) about the US Courts were  were so outrageous he should be ordered to pay an additional $4.1-million in penalties, on top of the $6.1-million. “Impenitence of this magnitude is deserving of significant penalties,” said the SEC.  Looks like Lord Black(adder)’s yap is gonna just keep costing him millions and millions.. (but he won’t get the connection..ha..ha.ha..)

SCoC rubber-stamps corrupt Harper Election

In Polytricks, Uncategorized on October 26, 2012 at 11:37 am

I blogged last week about how the Supreme Court of Canada was dragging its feet to rule on the crucial case of the ‘election’ of  Tory MP, Ted Opitz in Etobicoke Centre last general election.  So yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that his election was legitimate.  It ruled 4-3 that fraudulent and/or missing voter registration certificates were  ‘administrative errors’ and not serious enough to overturn the election of the Tory MP.

For the record I would like to dissect this case to the bone, as the corporate media and 4 of our top legal beagles seem mysteriously unable to do some simple arithmetic.  Opitz ‘won’ by 26 votes.  The Ontario Supreme Court threw out 79 of those votes because registration certificates “were missing or never existed.. ”

Supreme Court of Canada, arithmetic-challenged

So 13 months after the general election,  Elections Canada bustles into the Supreme Court of Canada claiming to have “found” that 44 voters in Etobicoke were valid because those ‘names’  had voted in previous elections, (so what??.. in what way does that validate their lack of registration at the polling station??… pfffttt!!)

But at least 17 of those ‘valid voters’ had voted somewhere else than Etobicoke which whittled down those 44 valid voters to 27.  Now one of the 44 was quietly dropped because he/she had obviously (and illegally) voted twice at the same station.  That whittles the ‘valid voters’ down to 26, (the amount that Opitz won the election in the first place).  But who is to say that those ‘valid’ voters didn’t vote for other political candidates??

But the numbers game is all moot.  What really happened is that the SCoC established voting rules don’t apply when a Harper majority government is ordered.  The rules state that you show your identification, establish that you are on the voters list for your riding, then you get your vote counted.  So what the SCoC is saying to Canadians is that you can have your vote counted in a Federal Election even though your registration certificate is fraudulent or missing upon examination.

Well yesterday’s ruling  just removed all doubt in my mind that the most corrupt election in Canadian history was fixed, and now its rubber-stamped by our Supreme Court.  We no longer have a separation of judicial and legislative authority in the country.  We have a one party state, ruled by venal sock-puppets, fronting for foreign corporate oligarchs.

Voina, Pussy Riot and the War on Art in Russia

In Art, Polytricks on October 24, 2012 at 9:55 am

I’m guessing most have heard of Pussy Riot by now, and the savage over-reaction of the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church to their 50 second punk rock concert in the biggest cathedral in Moscow.  I was intrigued by the story and of course ended up going down an internet rabbit hole researching this one.  In the dark days of Soviet oppression artist were sent to ‘mental hospitals’ and ‘treated’ for their ‘anti-social’ artwork.  So it is of course chilling to find that two Pussy Riot members are now doing 2 years in separate labour camps in central Russia.

How did it come to this?  Well here is the strange tale.  Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Russia has descended into a bizarre and cruel dystopia.  The introduction of capitalism, neo-liberalism and privatisation of the commons has resulted in disaster for Russia.  A few gangsters and elite bureaucrats have become fabulously wealthy while the lot of the average Russian has deteriorated so baldy that Russia now has a negative birth rate

Russia’s first post-Soviet president was a US puppet.  His privatization program destroyed Russia financially and socially.  The US, Europe, IMF and World Bank promised billions of dollars to help Russia transition to a ‘market economy’.  A tiny fraction of the promised loans and aid arrived and the West rubbed its hands in glee as the former Soviet Republics disintegrated into civil war, chaos, financial meltdown and into a grotesque gangster state.

I kinda expected that the black-marketeers of Soviet Russia would turn into the ‘new’ capitalist government.  But what I didn’t see coming was the rise in political power of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Russia now has the bizarre reality of a KGB president and a KGB Church Patriarch.  There is no doubt that the ‘new’ Russia is a strange and dangerous place.

Against this dystopian backdrop was formed the anarchist art collective Voina.  It was formed by some Moscow university post graduates who were sick of the corruption and poverty of the new Russian regime.  Voina had been living as an anarchist community, meaning they gave up money, and became homeless and took what they needed from the supermarket, they rode outside the trains to get across town, sounds to me that their university degrees didn’t open any doors to a better life.

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Conrad Black gets reality check from British Press

In Polytricks on October 23, 2012 at 10:05 am

I’m still laughing at good thrashing Conrad Black got on his first trip back to Britain since his release from US jail.  Conrad was at his sociopathic best, alternating from condescension,  to blaming and finally threats anyone who contradicted him. He literally oozed entitlement, self-righteousness and delusion.

After he was deported from the US to Canada, the Canadian press (to their everlasting shame) greeted the pompous egomaniac with muted obsequiousness.  The British Press were having none of that – they savaged the flatulent clown, giving him his first reality check since being released from the hoosegow.  (here is a video of him being owned by BBC’s Jeremy Paxson)

Amazingly he went on another TV show and again got smacked-down by Sky TV’s Adam Bolton.  I thought the above interview was an aberration  but no, this is the same deluded sociopath that went into prison.  His ego is so great that he learnt absolutely nothing at all. (here is the second video, startlingly similar to the first…. )

As I blogged earlier about sociopaths in our midst, pay close attention to his words and actions.  This is a classic case.  The man’s contempt for those ‘beneath’ him, his self-righteous mononmania, his inability to tell the truth, his complete lack of self-awareness, these all show the classic type of power-hungry, sociopathic fools that try and ‘run the show’.

Ultimately we are left with a pathetic spectacle, a pompous fool who thinks that he is smarter than everyone else, even when all evidence contradicts him.  But never forget.. he ruthlessly promoted his neo-liberal views upon news readers around the world, poisoning the public discourse with his elitist, corporatist propaganda.

To me this man will always remain an enemy of the people.  No doubt he will spend the rest of his life trying to ‘rehabilitate his image’.  As they say the most dangerous fool is one who is convinced he is right… ;o)

Canada, the new slave labour destination

In BC Polytricks, Polytricks on October 22, 2012 at 8:40 am

For the last four years the Harper Occupation Government brought more ‘seasonal workers’ (aka slave labourers) than immigrants into Canada.  This is truly a race to the bottom and a savage attack on workers in Canada.  As I have mentioned before, in order to win this class war we really need to recognize that our government is fighting a class war against the citizens of Canada.  What is even more infuriating this class war is being fought by our occupation government on behalf of the Chinese Government Dictatorship.

Turns out the concept of full employment was ditched when Milton Friedman started pushing a new way to massage unemployment numbers call NAIRU, (Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment ).  The idea is that there is an ‘natural’ level of unemployment which keeps inflation in check.  The NAIRU rate in Canada is variously estimated to be 9.5% to 6.5% unemployed. So our present ‘official’ unemployment rate is 7.4%, well in the ‘sweet spot’ for the ‘neo-liberal’ slave masters.  The concept of full employment was abandoned as ‘inflationary’.  The neo-liberal answer was to permanently ‘unemploy’ enough people to keep wages from interfering with their profits.



But we all know the unemployment (and all other important financial statistics) are all over-massaged bullshit.  So into this mess wades our retarded Premier who brayed about jobs … jobs..  jobs.. for coal miners?.. really?.. we have a carbon tax AND are opening more coal mines?.. pfftt.. But wait.. problem is.. almost ALL the jobs she blathered on about were for Chinese workers?!? And then it gets even worse.. these poor Chinese coal miners have to pay an outrageous $12,500 to ‘recruiters’ to just get these jobs in Canada!

“Migrant” workers in Canada have no protection from their employers who don’t just cheat them by paying them below minimum wage.  They are often beaten and abused, denied their wages, have their passports and documents stolen and have no government agency to appeal to.  Doesn’t this sound like government sanctioned slavery?   Under neo-liberalism, slavery worldwide has increased exponentially.

Its not hard to connect the dots!.. Corporate Occupation Governments run the world now.. we need a new political movement.. this isn’t a race to the bottom.. this is free-fall!..


In Art, Polytricks on October 20, 2012 at 10:26 am

I’m a big fan of Banksy.  For those who haven’t heard of him, he is the worlds most famous, anonymous street artist.  I really enjoy his sense of humour and rebellion.  It would of course be absurd to write down quotations from an anonymous man, so I’m going to try and show his politics and humour through his (alleged) artwork.

Fitzrovia, London. quelle drole m’seur Banksy.. ;o)

West Bank Segregation Wall, gutsy move Banksy!

New Orleans, post hurricane Katrina.


Have a Nice Day Reaper

Shop ’till you Drop.. quelle drole… ;o)

Xmas Shopping

Says it all…

Banksy also decided to protest Paris Hilton attempt at a music career by buying up 500 of her first CD’s and replacing the artwork on the covers.. like this..

And this..

Banksy is also famous for producing a documentary on street art called “Exit through the Gift Shop“.  Some have questioned whether the whole movie is an elaborate hoax, but Banksy is (alleged) to say that “I’m not clever enough to have invented Mr. Brainwash”.   Who knows?.  I like to think its another of his great pranks.

Banksy also directed a hilarious opening sequence for the Simpsons where he savaged Fox TV and Chinese sweatshops. Its a great moment in Television..or is that an oxymoron?..ha..ha…

Banksy also bailed out Voina artists last year which was another ballsy move on his part considering the controversy surrounding artistic repression in Russia these days.. but that will have to wait for a future blog post.. ;o)

End-game for SCoC

In Polytricks on October 18, 2012 at 8:15 am

Ever since the blatantly stolen 2011 Canadian National election, I’ve been on a slow-burn.  Canadians now have an (Chinese?) corporate occupation government in Ottawa.  The Robocall Scandal has dropped off the corporate media radar.  The only person sanctioned so far in the scandal has been an opposition Liberal (who won his riding and was fined $5,000) ..

As of this year, Election Canada is investigating 31,000 received reports of fraudulent or misleading calls in 234 of Canada’s 308 ridings, recorded in all ten provinces and at least one territory.  Although Robot-in-Chief Stephen Harper denies any part in the Robocall Scandal, its clear that the 800lb gorilla in the room is him.

Meanwhile Conservative MP Ted Opiz sits in the House of Commons even though his election to the House has been declared null and void by Ontario Supreme Court.  Opiz appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCoC)  The SCoC convened for an unprecedented summer sitting to hear the case because of its national importance on the 10th July .. (three months ago) .. so?… what is the hold-up?

The stakes are huge.. if the SCoC upholds the ruling that the election of Conservative MP Opiz  is null and void, Harper has to call a by-election in six weeks.. Something that Election Canada has bemoaned?  In fact Elections Canada has been running interference ever since the Ontario Supreme Court ruled the election of Conservative MP Opiz, null and void (see previous link).

In a bizarre and suspicious move, Elections Canada  produced ‘last minute evidence’ that 50 odd of the disqualified voters were on the National Voting List, but neglected to mention that they weren’t residents in the riding at the time of the election… it so hard not to feel the fix is in ..

If the Supreme Court sides with Harper then it will lose all legitimacy in the democratic separation of legislative and judicial authority in Canada.  If it declares the election of Opiz null and void it opens a Pandora’s box of fury and resentment against the Harper Occupation Government, not the least opening the door to judicial inquiry and rulings over the most corrupt election in Canadian history.  So its been three months.. how much longer do we have to wait?.. what is the hold-up?

The longer the SCoC takes to make it ruling the greater the suspicion the it has already been hopelessly compromised by the most aggressive and corrupt political party Canada has ever seen.

Now Elections Canada has already been caught sanctioning election fraud.. in Haiti .. but Canada’s betrayal of the Haitian people is gonna be another post.. ;o)

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