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Pirate Bay founder now kidnapped to Sweden

In Nerds only, Polytricks on September 13, 2012 at 9:34 am

Shady international deals seem to be behind the ‘deportation’ (kidnapping) of Gottfrid Svartholm Warg from Cambodia to Sweden.  Turns out Sweden inked a $60 million ‘development deal’ with Cambodia last week.  Then surprise .. surprise Cambodia ‘deports’ Gottfrid Warg to Sweden. (Cambodia doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Sweden).  This amounts to kidnapping since if you are deported from a country you have the choice to decide which country you want to be deported to.

So he was kidnapped by Sweden and had all his legal rights withheld and then charged with the trumped-up charges of  ‘hacking tax records’.  There is more than meets the eye about this charge since the Logica hack targeted tax records of 8,000 people who’s records were hidden from public view.  (Tax records are usually public in Sweden).  I don’t trust this Swedish government, time will tell if they even have any evidence against him.  (I suspect not given their treatment of Julian Assange).. pfffttt!

Gottfrid is in poor health as the video in this link clearly shows.  My already low opinion of the government of Sweden has reached a new low.  Gottfrid Warg is a personal friend of Julian Assange.  At one time he even helped mirrored Wikileaks.  He is clearly being persecuted by the Swedish government.

Its  ironic how the COG’s (Corporate Occupation Government) never think twice about breaking all legal and ethical boundaries to hound and persecute internet activists, all the while claiming to uphold ‘the law’… pfffttt!!.. Free Gottfrid NOW!

Gottfrid Warg kidnapped by his own government


Pirate Bay founder arrested in Cambodia

In Nerds only, Polytricks on September 2, 2012 at 10:30 am

Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm has been arrested in Cambodia.  He was sentenced in absentia in Sweden in the bogus Pirate Bay Copywrong Trial to one year in jail and a $4.5 million fine.  He was also found guilty of failure to appear at court despite the fact that he provided medical proof that he was too ill to fly to Sweden for trial.  The Pirate Bay copyright trial is notorious for its absurd legal gymnastics whereby the four founders were found guilty despite the absence of corpus delicti (a crime must be proved to have occurred before someone can be convicted).

The defendants in the trial were the usual gang of ‘entertainment industry’ thugs, (MPAA, RIAA).  They successfully destroyed the lives of the Pirate Bay founders but stirred up a hornets nest of anger and resistance.  Europe now has the Pirate Party and various underground hacker resistance movements have organized boycotts and DDoS attacks against the entertainment corporations.

The Pirate Party was formed to fight the corporations and their bogus ‘intellectual property rights laws‘.  People are sick and tired of the damages caused by the drunk elephant of corporate power.  Pirate Parties exist now in 12 countries around the world and polled favorably in Europe taking nearly 10% of the popular vote in Germany and Sweden. The only person who seemed in favour of ruining these guys lives was a brain-dead Paul McCartney who yet again showed his total lack of grasp of the issue by saying “if you get on a bus you godda pay the fare”.. pffftttt!!

Sweden sure seems to like extraditing people to stand trial for dubious and absurd ‘crimes’.  The Swedish judiciary have been making fools of themselves and their country.  I wonder if they are making the same effort in charging real criminals?.. (probably not.. pfffttt!)

Corporate spies invade our privacy

In Nerds only, Polytricks on September 1, 2012 at 8:58 am

I’m not talking about the admittedly horrible invasion of our online privacy by criminal gang’s malware.  I’m talking about the illegal government invasion of our privacy online.  Everyone praised the benefits of social media in overthrowing dictatorships in Tunisia, Egypt etc. during the Arab Spring.  Then we found out that the Egyptian dictatorship was using British spyware to totally invade every Egyptians privacy online by hacking into their Facebook accounts, email accounts, Skype messages and even stealing their passwords via keystroke loggers.  Nevertheless the Egyptian military regime soon lost control and ended up shutting down the internet in a desperate effort to stop the rebellion.

But what about in the West?  How do western governments  illegally spy on their own populations?  Well this is where the domestic corporate spyware corporations come in.  Firstly, there are  car licence plate scanning softwares that keeps a permanent database of our licence plate.  Then there IMSI catchers, a mobile tool that the state uses to identify cell phone users in a crowd.  Then there are deep packet sniffers, software that governments are forcing ISP’s to install on their network to snoop on everyone’s web browsing.

If that doesn’t concern you then there is this disturbing revelation from WikiLeaks.   Turns out that ‘surveillance corporations’ have been happily selling dictatorships around the world the means to spy on all online activity of their citizens.   So forget about Skype, PGP, etc.  All hacked by corporate trojan horses installed in the network or by vans parked outside your house.

Forget about passwords and user accounts.  All hacked by keystroke loggers installed when you click to update your browser or your anti-virus software.  Yes, this is the method of choice by these spy corporations.

Those innocuous update windows could be the vector to install corporate spy programs on your computer, thereby totally invading your privacy.  The following video shows how its all done, (notice the use of misleading terms like “The Headquarter” (sic), “The Target” and “The Agent”).

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