The mystery of the disappearing islands

In BC Polytricks on August 20, 2012 at 8:55 am

The tar-sands pipeline company Enbridge is taking a lot of heat these days for the crude (ahem) propaganda that they are flooding the airways with to justify their bogus, destructive Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal.

The flack they are getting is well deserved.  Enbridge  produced a TV propaganda video about the pipeline route through BC that ‘disappears’ two major mountain ranges and thousands of islands.  The bogus video totally misrepresents the problems of the terrain.  Its yet another classic example of  the oil industry response to its opponents.. they alternate between  bullying .. condescending… and outright bullshit.  Their insincerity is breathtaking.

Here is a link to The Tyee story with links to the original Enbridge video and then the deconstructed video showing how many island were ‘disappeared’.

Oil Tankers will run the gauntlet of huge islands, tides and fierce winds to get to Kitimat


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