Julian Assange versus General Pinochet

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My blood has been boiling ever since Julian Assange was discredited in Sweden two years ago.  The thing to remember is that he is wanted for ‘questioning’, he hasn’t been charged with an offence.  He is accused of a bizarre charge that could only happen in Sweden called ‘sex by surprise‘.  Swedish prosecutors have repeatedly refused to interview Julian Assange except in Sweden.  The got an extradition short-cut designed to arrest terrorists and have been hounding him ever since.  And all this over a charge that results in a fine?

I was thinking today about the contrast between Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet being put in house arrest by the British government for murder and torture charges and the intense hounding of Julian Assange for ‘sexual misbehaviour’ in Sweden.  Ironically, the same judge that tried to get Britain to hand over Pinochet to face trial for murder is now on Julian Assange’s legal team.  The British government really have succeeded in making an ass of themselves and exposed themselves (yet again) as tawdry sock-puppets for the USG.

Ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher put huge pressure on the British Government to release Pinochet, even thanking him publicly for ‘bringing democracy to Chile‘??  Pinochet was universally loathed and despised for his murderous military coup and brutal 20 years military regime in Chile.  Thatcher couldn’t have been a bigger liar!  Pinochet murdered the democratically elected President of Chile, Salvador Allende.

This week the British government ratcheted-up the pressure even further by threatening to abrogate the Vienna Convention and invade the Ecuadoran Embassy in London to snatch Julian Assange.  This bit of theatre resulted in the Ecuadoran government granting Julian Assange political asylum.

What hypocrites!  They released General Pinochet from house arrest when everybody knew that he was a murderous monster.  And yet they hound Julian Assange, obviously for showing the whole world the horrible war crimes committed by the USG in Iraq (and elsewhere).  So lets just call a spade a spade why don’t we?  We are shooting the messenger because the message is just too hard to bear.

Maggot Thatcher and Butcher Pinochet

“Baroness” Maggot Thatcher and Generalissimo Pinochet, two fricken peas in a pod!

Compared to the two above monsters who is the real criminal??

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