A great outrigger canoe site

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Peter Vans has built a great tacking outrigger web site.  Tacking outrigger craft are boats with one larger hull and a smaller outrigger hull.  It is able to tack into the wind without moving the mast as olden-days proas had to.  So this web site is dedicated to tacking outrigger boats as opposed to catamaran or trimaran.  One advantage of these craft is that they are lighter and usually more portable than traditional cat’s or tri’s.

There are several advantages of a multi-hull over a mono-hull.  One is speed, even a planing hull sailboat can’t compete with the feather-light profile of a multi-hull in action. Another reason is that multi-hulls can carry more sail area than mono-hulls due to their much greater beam.  Mono-hulls heel over loosing their wind power, while a multi-hull’s beam allows it to keep that wind power directly in the sail.

I have been fascinated by outrigger canoe’s for years.  The colonization of the Pacific by these craft is an awesome achievement.  The voyages of discovery of European nations in the Atlantic a thousand years later pales in comparison.. ;o)  I have a theory that the ‘killer app’ that led mankind to global supremacy was the boat not writing.. but that will have to wait until another blog posting.. stay tuned..

Outrigger Canoe, New Caledonia, South Pacific

Outriggers are complicated, beautiful and highly functional.. just take a look at this Hawaiian outrigger…

Close up of Hawaiian outrigger sailing canoe.


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