Deer under the trailer

In Humour on August 13, 2012 at 10:26 am

The black-tail deer are like large rabbits on the island because no hunting is allowed.  I really enjoy them and they are really tame..  In fact there are several generations of deer now that have been living around here and they are totally relaxed around me.. I wouldn’t try and touch them or anything but I do sing and talk to them.. they don’t seem to mind.. ha..ha.. they generally move away when I get within six feet of them..

Sometimes I really can’t stand mankind so I’m very attached to “my” deer… it moves me that they recognize me and trust me around their little fawns…

The deer have been dozing under the trailer and chewing their cud all summer.  Sometimes I have as many as six deer under the trailer at one time! ..  Don’t quite know why they don’t just wander over to the forest and relax under some cool trees… but deer are not that bright.. they are creatures of habit…  I feel they must like the dusty soil under the trailer .. it must help with the flies and ticks of mid-summer…

Its difficult for me to get a photo on my cell phone camera because they are usually deep in the shade and so they don’t show up on the photo…Anyway I finally got a half-decent photo on my cell phone yesterday.. This doe was half in the sun .. half in the shade so you can actually see her…

trailer deer

photo of doe sitting under the trailer taken out of the window

Here is the same doe from the other side of the trailer.. she is getting nervous about me pointing my cell phone camera at her.. deer are funny creatures and I really love having them around.. (though I wish they wouldn’t make so much noise banging their heads under the trailer and waking me up etc…

trailer deer

same doe under the trailer taken from outside the trailer, she is getting nervous

Now I know that there will be those who will think that this was photoshopped.. (actually I adjusted the brightness in Gimp.. yay open source software!.. ;o) .. I wish I could get a photo of the big buck when he goes under the trailer.. he looks so great with his antlers.. problem is if he gets spooked under there..  he bangs his antlers as he rushes out making quite the racket..ha..ha…

fawn outside the trailer

fawn outside the trailer window

Here is a photo of a fawn outside window of the trailer.. little guy still has his spots ..  getting pretty big now for a fawn.. when they loose their momma they bleat out  like a lamb.. but a more high pitched mew a little like a seagull .. so it can be quite noisy here with lost fawns bleating out .. but if they hang tight then sure enough momma comes back around and finds them .. kinda like a soap opera.. but more fun to watch.. ;o)

This is why I called this blog Kloshe Mowich .. its Chinook for ‘good deer’.. that is how I think of ‘my’ deer.. my buddies.. they may be kinda dumb but they are good company!.. ;o)

  1. Great post, it reminds me of our last house in northern Minnesota. A young doe was orphaned and grew up on our property. I didn’t think she would survive the fall hunting season or winter. We have lots of stories about her, she was 5 when we left and had 4 sets of twins while we were there. Good stuff.

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