Egyptian President fires Military Junta head

In Polytricks on August 12, 2012 at 10:41 am

This is huge!  Field Marshall Tantawi is on record for saying that he would never relinquish power to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Tantawi is directly responsible as head of the armed forces for the massacre of Egyptian citizens during the revolution that removed discredited President Mubarak.  Then Tantawi’s military junta ruled that the newly elected parliament be dissolved and decreed that the incoming elected President could not have control over ‘military matters’.

So after throwing down that gauntlet in the face of democratic change in Egypt there was nothing else for in-coming President Morsi to do in the end but  fire Tantawi.

The big question now is .. will there be a military-backed counter-revolution?  Will Tantawi go quietly?  There is a lot at stake here.  Tantawi is the US and Israel’s sock-puppet in Cairo.  He is well-hated by Egyptians as Mubarak’s right-hand man.  He really should be standing trial for murdering democracy demonstrators and trying to subvert the new democratic government of  Egypt.

Tahrir Square, Cairo, February 2011

  1. […] for the murder of almost thousand demonstrators during the Egyptian revolution.  I was amazed when Morsi fired the top Mubarak general Tantawi.  That took real guts.  It also takes guts to fire judges that are so clearly still in the pocket […]

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