In Art on August 12, 2012 at 9:20 am

Albrecht Durer is another of my favourite artists. Even after half a millennia, his work and talent shine. I particularly like his Hare.. done is watercolour and bodycolour. Yah.. I had to look bodycolour up.. ;o)

Durer, Hare

Albrecht Durer, Hare, 1502

Who else was drawing rhinos back then? This is a classic. I have been fascinated by this since I was a kid.

Albrecht Durer, Rhinoceros, 1515

Durer was very precocious.  He drew this self portrait at age 13.

Albrecht Durer, Self Portrait at age 13!

You can tell this is still the middle ages.  I like this bagpiper.  Reminds me of my old buddy Ernie.

Albrecht Durer, Bagpiper, 1514

  1. Love the rhino! You’re so right — he must’ve been the only one drawing them! Such a departure from the staggering amount of religious works at the time

  2. hi fin going thru yur blog… sweet rhino

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