Where did all the money go?

In Polytricks on August 10, 2012 at 8:25 am

Great animated video of the cause of the financial crash of 2008 from The Guardian this morning..  It shows how only the deckchairs have been re-arranged on the Titanic of our world financial system.  Public money has covered a lot of the big bankster losses but offloading the debt to taxpayers via national government debt is leading to ‘austerity’ and widespread anger and bitterness throughout the world.

It doesn’t help that none of the financial criminals who destroyed millions of peoples lives and left them destitute are above the law and completely untouchable in our present corrupt legal system.  As shown today by Goldman Sachs being found ‘not guilty’ of bundling toxic debt and selling it as no-risk investment garbage to unwitting victims… see here..

This is very unwise.. the millions of people who have lost everything so a few fat-cats can get even fatter are gonna start putting two and two together and realize that their overlords (overlards?.. ;o) will never face the consequences of their venality and corruption without the people rising up and taking back what was stolen from them.. History is full of indolent, corrupt regimes who daydreamed their way into revolution.

Belgian revolution 1830


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