US drought produces a repeat of 2008 food crisis

In Polytricks, Weather on August 9, 2012 at 10:28 am

A perfect storm of (ahem) weather disasters are creating a repeat of the 2008 food crisis which produced food riots around the world, the Arab Spring, etc.  Seems that history is repeating itself again.  The latest UN FAO numbers show all food staples spiking upwards in response to the great US drought of 2012. Already panicked nations are stockpiling food. This will no doubt make matters worse.

I know I’m a ‘glass-half-empty’ kinda guy.. in fact I have had to endure taunts of being ‘chicken-little’ from bobble-headed pollyannas.  I don’t mind .. I don’t believe in sacrificing history and common sense in order to appear ‘positive’ to the kool-aid drinking masses.. ;o)

Food Riots in Algeria


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