Uber-Rich hiding 30% of all global savings from taxman

In Polytricks on August 9, 2012 at 8:48 am

Yep.. its a staggering number, 32 Trillion dollars is estimated  to be hidden in offshore tax havens. This is the tip of the iceberg since what we are talking about here is just the cash.. the property assets the uber-rich are worth even more.  If you were wondering how badly we are all loosing the class-war on this one, consider this.. 100,000 people control approximately $10 Trillion in offshore wealth.

Its not as if we are left scratching out heads about who these tax crooks are.. we know.. its just that the corruption of our legal system is so deep that they are ‘untouchable’.

Sadly, some of the most indebted developing countries are robbed by their uber-rich fat-cats to the tune of many times the national debt!   We are talking systematic corruption and collaboration throughout the world in order for fat-cats and banks and tax-haven islands to do the dirty work of robbing the rest of us of  taxes due. Here is a great article about this scam from the Lebowski Blog..

Caribbean Tax Havens, Playground for the thieving, indolent rich.


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