The Sociopath next door

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They are the person next door, or in your family, or in your bed. That is 1.4 million Canadians or 12 million Americans are sociopaths. That is a lot of people out there that will try and trick you into think that they are your friend, lover, brother, priest, real estate agent, lawyer.. etc.. etc..

Martha Stout has written a book called just this “The sociopath next door” I haven’t read the book but I read this interview with her ..

Martha had some interesting things to say about what makes a sociopath.. Sociopaths are pathological liars… 75% of them are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs… Boredom drives them to elaborately manipulate people.. to gain their trust.. to steal something of value from them.. Ultimately it was to create the willing victim.. truly chilling.. we all know at least one or two people like this.. (and we find out too late that they have absolutely no conscience.. )

Martha explains the perfect victim of a sociopath is someone who is very loyal… “the perfect victim, from the sociopath’s point of view, is the person who is smart enough and capable enough to do him some good in the world and who is also fun to manipulate. How much fun is it to manipulate someone who is stupid and incompetent? Another good person to manipulate is someone of high character, because that is also fun for the sociopath. On the other hand, the sociopath doesn’t want this person to be so savvy that he or she will immediately see him for who he is. He wants the person to be easily enough fooled to stick with him. This can be accomplished by looking for someone who is very, very loyal…. ”

Turns out the financial crash of 2008 was largely caused by sociopaths..

But before we start calling this a ‘genetic illness’ lets face the unpleasant fact that it is the shallowness and materiality of corporate-consumer culture that is breeding and promoting sociopaths at a ridiculous rate!..Don’t we teach ‘winning at all costs’?.. don’t we glorify ‘the ends justify the means’??.. Don’t we teach “its not who you are but how good you look?”.. Don’t the bumper stickers say “He who dies with the most toys wins”??.. (to which the wags reply… “He who dies with the most toys still dies”.. quelle drole!..ha..ha…)

  1. Remember the movie “The Corporation” they said if a corporation had a personality that the personality would be “sociopath”. It’s interesting that our capitalistic world is now seeing more and more sociopaths. This could also be because of the population increase as well.

  2. Thanks for the comment. You could be right about the population increase. My feeling is that our society is creating more and more sociopaths because of the mixed messages the corporate media is indoctrinating the kids with.. ;o)

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