Drone take-over

In Polytricks on August 3, 2012 at 10:41 am

I despise and detest Drones. Their use is cowardly, vicious, arbitrary and illegal in any law system on this planet. Still the USG has been into a decades-long practice of extra-judicial slaughter with killing fields in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Soon coming to Syria? and Iran?

Under the Obama administration this slaughter has increased dramatically. Its estimated that 3,000 civilians have been slaughtered this way since 2001, (as many as killed in WTC).Its a huge issue in Pakistan, a country which  is an ‘ally’ of the USA in the GWoT (global war on terror)(sic).

Can you imagine if the US sent drones over the Canadian border to kill wedding parties of Canadian ‘terror-suspects’? (and then of course the follow up aerial bombardment of the funeral party to ‘mop-up’ on the suspects that they missed the last time).. its revolting.. I’m not going to stop being outraged until these evil, mindless weapons are banned for good!

Here is the link to drone proliferation..

Here is the link showing a deliberate policy of targeting weddings and the subsequent funerals ..

Eyeless baby-eating monster

  1. […] attacks have been documented to attack wedding parties in the hopes of killing ‘terrorist suspects’.  Then the following funerals are also […]

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