In a Van Gogh craze/rave

In Art on August 2, 2012 at 1:34 am

I’m going through a Van Gogh phase right now. Can’t get enough of him. Love his crazy swirls. Found out last year to my chagrin that his name isn’t pronounced (in The Netherlands) “Van Gouw”.. but Van Gchochk like hawking up a big gob of phlegm! Gak! So wadda I do now? Correct people? .. snicker?.. pretend I didn’t hear them?.. I dunno its sometimes dangerous to correct what people say.. ;o)

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

  1. Eep, I never correct people on stuff like that! And I would only ever even THINK about pronouncing Van Gogh the ‘right’ way around Dutch friends. (Let’s not even talk about the ‘right’ way to pronounce gouda, yikes 😉

    All this reminded me of this scene from Woody Allen’s Manhattan, dunno if you’ve seen it? (And now we’ll find out if embedded videos work on WordPress the way they’re supposed to! Cross your fingers.)

  2. Thanks Julia or should I say ‘blog-sensei’? I bow down to your blogging skills! I notice that you have your own customized badger-gravatar!.. did you have to pay for that?

    The video was priceless!.. ha..ha.. Diane Keaton totally mangled the pronunciation.. ha..ha.. I notice you have a copy of WordPress for Dummies .. would you recommend it?

    So sorry I missed you today.. I will do a weekend visit so that we can all go out to lunch together. ;O)

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