Drought map

In Weather on August 2, 2012 at 10:55 pm

Of course on the west coast it barely feels like summer even happened yet but in the US the drought is busy destroying the half the corn crop.. to the point that voices are being raised questioning the use of corn for fuel (ethanol).. DUH!!.. only in the USA would they turn food into gasoline.. pfffttt!..

The drought which is being called the worst drought in 50 years..  is actually getting worse.. wiping out nearly 40% of the soy crop as well.. and yet again the climate change elephant in the room seems strangely hard for the corporate media to see.. here is the article in The Guardian..

here is the map..

Droughts throughout US summer 2012 (could the Climate Change Deniers be wrong?.. duh!.. ;o)


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